Board of Health
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, Administrative Assistant
Charlotte Eileen Stepanian, MSN, RN-BC, Public Health Nurse
Board of Health, 4 School Street 
Merrimac ,MA 01860 
978-346-0527 (Public Health Nurse (0528)
As Needed
Public Health Nurse:
978-346-4066 or 978-346-9549 H: 978-346-8035
Public Health Nurse Hours:
Available at Senior Center, 100 E. Main St.
11:00 AM -1:00 PM
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
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Board Members
Term Expiration
Jason Sargeant
May 2016
Karen Gray
May 2017
Hal Lloyd
May 2018
Deborah Ketchen
Pet Lovers,

Kindly remember that there is a leash law, and a law that mandates that animal feces must be picked up and properly disposed of.  Do not leave your dog out without being tethered.  If you are walking your dog, keep him on a leash and please pick up the feces in a plastic bag and take it home with you, or discard it in a rubbish receptacle if there is one available during your walk.  Please be considerate and do not throw the bag on the ground in an empty lot or anywhere else.  Thank you.

per Board of Health

Annual Permit Fees Due in January

Board of Health Mission
We respond to requirements and complaints from the general public and contractors. We oversee the Title V Program as it pertains to septics; monitor inspections of food establishments, schools, and rentals; maintain current with state health advisories and immunizations.

Public Health Nurse Mission
To promote healthy and informed people in a healthy community.