Public Safety Building Committee

Mission Statement

The Public Safety Building Committee was established by the Board of Selectmen in 2014 to investigate the need for a new Public Safety Complex and have been working on a plan to address the serious challenges the town faces with the ageing and inadequate building at 16 East Main Street.
Eric Shears Police Chief
Ralph Spencer Fire Chief
Robert Sinibaldi DPW Director
Carol McLeod Finance Director
Rich LeSavoy Member
Ricky Pinciaro Member
Laura D Mailman Senior Center Director
 Yvonne Bednarz  Member

Public Safety Building Survey  Click here for survey

 The Town of Merrimac has severe issues with the current Public Safety Complex that need to be addressed.  We are asking for your help in determining the best way to address the issues.  

The current building is deteriorating and needs immediate repairs.  It houses the Police, Fire, Emergency Management, Ambulance and the Highway Division of the DPW in approximately 22,000 square feet.  A very complete engineering study determined that all of the departments combined should have approximately 60,000 square feet in order to meet the current needs and to provide space for the future.

This would cost the Town considerably more than the residents could afford, so the Public Safety Building Committee took a hard look at the study, and reduced the square footage, changed the building types and looked at renovating the current space to come in with a plan that was “more affordable”.

Residents at Town Meeting, although understanding of the need, could not support the $15 million dollar estimate.  The committee would like to find a better way to communicate the needs and exactly what the $15 Million dollars would provide.  Our goal is to provide the most accurate information available to town residents.

The support for the Police and Fire was evident; however in order to renovate the current building for the Fire Department, Highway Department needs to move out.  The current plans are for a metal building, partially heated to provide a shelter for the equipment, maintenance area for repairs, wash bay for all town vehicles, locker room, and a small office area for the staff.
The renovations at the Fire Station would provide for locker rooms for changing and storage of gear, laundry to clean contaminated clothing, updated heating systems, renovated kitchen, and office space.

The Police Building will be a new building, with dispatch, cells, booking rooms, lockers rooms, kitchen, and office space.